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Message from Dr. Lawrence Lewis,
Dean Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry


Welcome to the faculty of Agriculture and Forestry my name is Lawrence Lewis, your Dean of the most dynamic, student friendly, success driven and family oriented faculty at the University of Guyana. The faculty has two departments, Agriculture and Forestry

As your Dean I wish to say welcome to our faculty where success awaits you and where your stay over the next two, three or four years depending on the programme you choose with us, will be most enjoyable, entertaining and fun filled even though you will be required to work hard and be dedicated to your studies.

I am aware and note that most of you are here with us because of your commitment to have higher education, the dedication of your parents, family and well-wishers.

The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry is the most dynamic because we are student friendly and we consider staff and students as our family and we care about your success and staff.

We work to your success by ensuring that the classroom teaching activities are complemented with an abundance of practical to various regions in Guyana and even overseas to Caribbean countries and our neighbouring countries such as Brazil and Suriname. We ensure that our students are involved in attachment with industry, research and regulatory agencies in Guyana. We ensure that in your final year our students are involved in research projects or research reviews. This allows our students to be oriented to the world of work or can create their own enterprises and employ others.

We ensure your success by having an open-door policy and all our students are provided a faculty mentor who guides and advises students on academic performance throughout your stay in the Faculty.

We are a proud, well respected and competitive Faculty and recently we have won a significant international award that is “The 2020 country winner Energy Global Award for Sustainability”.

To make your stay with us successful, we are constantly improving our curriculum, enhancing our laboratories, field facilities and equipment.

We are developing and introducing new courses to ensure that when you depart from us to the world of work or future studies we are assured that you will be successful.

In closing, let me again welcome you to the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry where success awaits you.

Dr. Lawrence Lewis, PhD, MSc.
Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry