The Forestry Society

The society basically works to create a better relationship among members through engagement of activities, help in promoting the forestry programme, act as a support for students and provide voluntary services to agencies with an interest in forestry.

Executive Members of The Forestry Society

  • Mark Austin  (President) 
  • Randy Belgrave (Vice-president) 
  • Felisa Mearns (General secretary) 
  • Cherry Maraj (Treasurer) 
  • Glen Singh (Social secretary) 
  • Seion George(Liaison officer) 
  • Holney Richmond(1st year rep) 
  • Christopher Persaud (2nd  year rep) 
  • Leroy Wilson (3rd year rep)
  • Stacy Robertson(4th year rep)

Contact Us

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

  • University of Guyana, Turkeyen Campus
    Greater Georgetown
  • (592)-222-5424