Agriculture Club

Extensive youth involvement in agriculture has declined over the years to reasons too numerous to mention. Given the nature of the industry and the constraints affecting it, youth involvement is seriously needed to inject innovativeness and creativity thereby improving the sustainability of the agricultural industry.

For Agricultural science students at University of Guyana the sort of environment that encouraged youth involvement was not catered for in the official curriculum, which lead to the formation of the Agriculture Club. The Agriculture Club encourages members to partake in ventures and projects designed to hone their managerial, interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills.


Executive Members

  • Shaquimha Hanely – President

  • Akeem Primo – Vice President

  • Tatyana Moore – Secretary

  • Malika Russell – Assistant Secretary

  • Dwayne Gangoo – Organizing Secretary

  • Dillon Weekes – Treasurer

  • Candace Prince – 1st Year Representative

  • Omario Gooding – 2nd Year Representative

  • Levina Henry – 3rd Year Representative

  • Kadesha Nedd – 4th Year Representative

Contact Us

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

  • University of Guyana, Turkeyen Campus
    Greater Georgetown
  • (592)-222-5424